Ship Registration

The reputation of the Malta maritime flag is well established. As the largest EU maritime Flag and the sixth largest in the world, the Malta maritime flag has become synonymous with blue chip ship managers. The right balance has been struck between adhering to the strict EU and international regulations and adapting to the maritime industry’s needs.

Vessels eligible for registration under the Malta Flag must be wholly owned by:

  • Citizens of Malta; and/or
  • European Citizens having a Maltese resident agent; and/or
  • Bodies corporate established under the subjects of the Laws of Malta; and/or
  • Foreign corporate bodies or entities

As a rule, ships of 25 years and over are not being considered for registration under the Malta flag.

Our team of lawyers and industry professionals are available to assist with the full registration process. From establishing eligibility of the vessel for registration and the appointment of a resident agent in Malta, right through to the permanent registration of the vessel under the Malta maritime flag.