One of the most important economic pillars in Malta is certainly the financial services sector, which has experienced a rapid growth over the past years. The Malta Financial Services Authority (the “MFSA’) is the main regulator of this sector which is constantly accessible and forward-looking. Together with the substantive legislative framework available to the sector, the MFSA is constantly adopting pragmatic and pro-business approaches.

This comprehensive regulatory regime, together with an attractive Maltese taxation system, has directed a number of large hedge funds, investment services operators, retail and captive insurance companies and credit and financial institutions to Malta.

The firm advises and assists financial services operators including:

• Collective Investment Schemes (including non-retail Professional Investor Funds (PIF) promoted to Experienced, Qualifying and/or Extraordinary investors, Private Collective Investment Schemes and UCITS compliant funds);

• Investment Services providers;

• Credit, e-money and Financial Institutions;

• Captive and retail insurance;

• Retirement Schemes and Retirement Funds.

At GMX we offer varied consultancy services structured to our client’s needs. We provide assistance and guidance in preparation for obtaining the relative licence application, compilation of documents relevant to the said licence, as well as coordination of submission of documents with the MFSA.

Furthermore, the firm provides specialised legal advice on matters relating to re-domiciliation of funds into and out of Malta, EU passporting rights, compliance matters, listing of units on the Malta Stock Exchange and Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism laws and regulations, amongst others.