Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution includes various methods such as mediation or arbitration which are used to resolve disputes without the need to resort to litigation.

Mediation and arbitration are regarded by many as a positive alternative to traditional litigation, enabling disputes to be resolved in a more time-efficient manner and in a more informal, yet confidential environment. The enactment of the Arbitration Act in 1996 encouraged more people to opt for alternative dispute resolution and was aimed at introducing an increase in both domestic and international arbitration in Malta. The Act also set up the Malta Arbitration Centre which started operating in March of 2000. The centre was set up as an alternative method of dispute resolution.

Further local developments were seen when a number of important conventions regarding international commercial arbitration were incorporated into Maltese law. Detailed provisions regulating domestic arbitration were also introduced and these have further developed the sector. GMX enjoys a position of respect in this field and takes pride in representing leading local and international companies in successful alternative resolutions and out-of-court settlements.