Real Estate & Construction

The Maltese real estate sector has proved to be the bedrock of Malta’s economy for time immemorial and has consistently registered steady growth.  Property has become a core investment in many Maltese investors’ portfolio, registering healthy financial returns.  It has also attracted investors from all over the world, with some renowned investors and personalities choosing not only to invest in property in Malta but also to relocate.

The real estate sector’s track record has also encouraged many to invest substantially in development project.

The Maltese islands also boast of various properties constructed over centuries.  These properties are considered to be architectural gems and it is therefore little wonder that many stakeholders, from various industries, have invested considerably in the rehabilitation of such properties.

Our team of lawyers, together with our affiliates, can assist with:

  • Assisting with Promise of Sale agreements;
  • Sale and purchase contracts;
  • Lease agreements (both residential and commercial);
  • Implementation of condominium rules;
  • Financing agreements;
  • Registration and/or cancellation of privileges and hypothecs over immovable property;
  • Obtaining of necessary acquisition permits;
  • Property searches with the Public Registry and Land Registry;
  • Assisting with the permit applications through qualified architects;
  • Tax advice;
  • Assisting with EU and Malta Government grants for the rehabilitation and development of properties
  • Agreements related to the construction, development and furnishing of properties.