John A. Gauci Maistre K.M. is the founder and C.E.O of the GM Group (formerly Economicard Group of Companies) which embraces GM Corporate and Fiduciary Services Limited and its affiliates, GM International Services Limited and GM International Conferences and Exhibitions Ltd.

He has been defined as the man who put Malta on the map of flag states since he singlehandedly pioneered ship and yacht registration under the Malta Flag in the 1970s. Long attracting top-tier maritime firms together with blue chip owning companies and operators to Malta, to date GM International Services Limited has registered over 50 million tons and formed just under 2,000 companies. Almost 50 years on, he continues to contribute to sustaining the Malta Flag Registry as the undisputed leader in the EU as well as its 6th global ranking.

Owing to the worldwide stellar reputation he enjoys in the maritime industry, John Gauci Maistre was accredited by the Panamanian Government as its consul in Malta in 1994 – a post he has held ever since. Furthermore, in 1995 he co-founded the Honorary Consular Corps and served as Dean from 1995 to 2011.

It is also through his foresight to offer international clients a holistic service provider that GMC was founded in 2009, a company specifically involved in the area of international financial services focused on the design and administration of tax efficient structures, fund management and other related services. This expansion also led to a notable number of financial institutions investing in Malta.

His experience in accountancy and legal work has enabled him to sit on various government sponsored maritime committees, advisory boards and councils, including the Association of Malta Shipowners (1990-1992); The Malta Chamber of Commerce (1993-1998, 2004-2008); the Federation Union des Consuls Hororairs en Europe [F.U.C.H.E.] (1996-2011) and the Camera di Commercio Italo-Maltese (2004-2008); and the Malta International Trade Fair Council.

Guided by his strong belief to offer something to the greater community, John Gauci Maistre currently serves as President of the philanthropic organization, National Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul and is an active member of the Maltese Association of the Sovereign Military Oder of Malta (S.M.O.M.) holding the rank of Knight of Magistral Grace.