EU Litigation

When Malta joined the European Union back in May of 2004, for the legal sector, this meant that all laws and regulations enacted by the European Union would have to become part and parcel of Maltese law by means of an Act enacted by the Maltese Parliament in the year 2003. This Act provides that in cases where Maltese law is in conflict with European Union Law, the latter will prevail over the former and this includes the supreme law of Malta, that is, the Maltese Constitution.
Keeping this in mind, our firm has understood the importance of EU legislation and related litigation proceedings. Thus, we take pride in providing our international based clientele with advice and representation in any EU litigation matters.
Maltese Courts are now bound to apply these laws just as any other Maltese law and are required to give the same rights and possibilities to Maltese litigants as available to any other European Union citizen. In this context, it is of utmost importance that Maltese, European and International citizens, know the regime of laws and regulations which apply to a particular business or to a particular situation within the Maltese Islands. These include:

  • Laws concerning fair competition;
  • Freedom of movement, goods and capital within the European Union;
  • European Union Citizenship;
  • Company Law;
  • Labour Law and the social services rights of European Union Citizens and persons enjoying freedom of movement within each and every Member State;
  • Intellectual property law.
  • A proper knowledge of these laws and the EU litigation proceedings related to these laws requires continuing research. Our team offers our clients the services of;
  • researching of all laws and regulations applicable to particular situations;
  • giving advice on the applicability of the same laws and regulations to the particular matter in question;
  • duties, obligations, rights and remedies arising out of such laws and regulations