The “Tony de Brum” declaration, signed by 35 countries including among others the UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Malta and Greece in terms of the first One Planet Summit, aimed at adopting the first strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from ships by 2018 and a revised strategy by 2023. These currently account for 3% of global CO2 emissions but they could rise 250% by 2050 if no targeted action is taken.

Malta signs One Planet Summit declaration

This Summit was called for by the President of the Republic of France and jointly convened by the UN and World Bank, following the United States’ announcement that it was withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

The signing ceremony was held on 12th December 2017 and the signatories urged for an ambitious CO2 reduction target to be set, compatible with that determined by the Paris Agreement, including a short-term cap on emissions, the ultimate objective being zero-emissions in the second half of the century.