Capital for Shipping: Collaboration

One of the largest Ship Finance Conference, the Annual Marine Money Week will have various interesting sessions such as:

Maritime Energy Infrastructure Selected Risk-Adjusted Cash Flow Investment Opportunities

Special Session for Crossover Investors. Unlike commodity shipping companies, with values that rise and fall based on prevailing asset values, spot market rates and sentiment, there is an important universe of Maritime Energy Infrastructure Companies (MEICs) that have unique business models, specialized assets, long term contracts, high barriers to entry – and consistently strong cash flows. In this opening session, we highlight some of the most compelling opportunities in the maritime energy infrastructure industry.

Credit for Shipping

Once dominated by commercial bank debt and shipowners equity, today’s ship finance marketplace offers a kaleidoscope of credit options. Marine Money’s “Credit for Shipping” is devoted to providing lenders, investors CFOs and CEOs with insight into every significant type of debt capital available – essential insight for borrowers and lenders.

Equity for Shipping; How to Make Money Today

There are more public, private and hybrid sources of equity available to the shipping industry today than any time in history. In this session, we explore the various varieties of “Equity for Shipping” from the perspective of public and private, large and small investors and ship owners.