Employment & Industrial Relations

GMX’s team of employment law advocates, offer advice to both employers and employees in a varied number of issues relating to this sector, including:

  • Dismissals;
  • Redundancies;
  • Abandonment;
  • Transfer of undertakings vis-à-vis employment;
  • Drafting of employment contracts;
  • Industrial tribunal hearings;
  • Data protection and privacy issues;
  • Conditions of employment;
  • consulting on issues with regards to Equal Treatment in accordance with Council Directive 2000/78/EC and 2000/43EC which have been transposed into Maltese law; and
  • Application for work permits for non-EU nationals.

Employment Law in Malta is regulated by a number of regulatory frameworks. The most important legislation is considered to be the Employment and Industrial Relations Act, together with a number of other legislative frameworks such as the Employment and Training Services Act, Employment Commission Act, a number of legal notices as well as the Wage Regulation Orders.

The Wage Regulation Orders regulate a number of industry- specific sectors, including; professinal services, costruction, travel and insurance agencies etc.. These orders provide specialised rules to address requirements particular to the industry/ies to which they apply, such as, payment of wages, sick leave, other leave entitlements and other issues relevant to the particular sector. Those sectors which are not specifically regulated by a Wage Regulation Order are subject to the National Standard Order.

Our firm will be pleased to provide further information to clients on both the applicability of the Wage Regulation Orders and the National Standard Orders upon request as well as other issues related to Employment Law in Malta.