Systems and Process Assurance

The Systems and Process Assurance (SPA) group provides expertise in systems and processes controls across industries, including information technology controls.

This expertise is essential to providing trust and quality in the assurance business, with the renewed emphasis on controls, and secure, reliable and efficient information systems. Our SPA specialists are integrated into financial audit teams. SPA provides both audit and audit-related services such as compliance to regulations.

These include internal control reviews across business processes, applications (incl. ERP systems) and IT infrastructure components, as well as services to improve security and controls.

If your company requires an independent evaluation of processes and related controls, we can help. We ensure that you have adequate controls in place to mitigate the many risks facing your business. Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals can provide you with a robust, reliable risk management framework that can not only creates the key controls your company needs, but also ensure that key processes are providing reliable reports that will enable management to make informed business decisions. And, should the worst occur—a security incident, fire breakout, an IT systems failure — we can put in place a robust business continuity plan that not only documents the steps to be taken, but also makes sure that you have the resources needed and the procedures to be followed before, during, and after the crisis.