Independent expert opinions

There are a wide range of circumstances in which an independent opinion of value is required, and each different scenario requires specialist knowledge and the application of specific skills. Courts, regulators, tax authorities, shareholders and businesses will, at different times, all need an objective specialist to provide a valuation of an asset or business. GMX’s services provide the appropriate level of independence in all circumstances. We are appointed by the courts and the regulatory authorities to provide independent, expert opinions relating to value. We draw on considerable economic and commercial specialisation to ensure that our opinions are delivered to the most robust standards of objectivity and independence. Similarly, non-executive directors and audit committees bear a significant responsibility for corporate governance. This responsibility extends to ensuring that assets are appropriately valued and that the accounts reflect the underlying reality of the business. We are able to assist non-executives directors and audit committees to address their governance obligations by providing independent support of the valuations inherent in their verification of accounts and reports.