GMX’s Accounting Advisory Services

For all entities that require high quality accounting advice, GMX has the breadth and depth of knowledge and technical expertise to help. As the leading local and international accounting firm, GMX offers comprehensive experience in all areas of accounting and financial reporting. GMX has an Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) specialised team led by IFRS specialists who have been providing IFRS advice and technical guidance to entities in Malta, comprising both audit and non-audit clients, for a significant number of years. These specialists have followed IFRS developments throughout the years and led the firm’s initiatives in supporting clients in this respect.

GMX experts, advise and support in the preparation of reporting under IFRSs and GAPSE, building on cooperation with specialists across a significant number of industries and deploying tried-and-tested GMX tools. These resources prepare statutory and other financial information, provide expert analysis on specific issues and are available to respond to individual needs.

As a firm we strive to provide value-for-money services and solutions which are flexible and tailored to the particular circumstances and needs of the particular entity, whether on-site or off-site, project-based or ongoing.