Are the following situations familiar?

  • Your company has carried out a significant transaction and you would like someone to review your assessment of accounting and financial reporting implications
  • You have a difficult technical accounting issue in respect of which you would like a second opinion
  • Your company effected an acquisition and you need to understand the impacts in terms of harmonising accounting policies, accounting for cost of acquisition and allocating purchase price to assets acquired
  • You would like to keep yourself or your team up-to-date on developments in IFRSs and in GAPSE
  • You would like to assess the impact of new or revised standards and pronouncements on the company’s financial information
  • You require an independent advisor or service provider in respect of accounting advice and support
  • You have a small finance function and would require support from financial accounting and reporting specialists
  • You are already familiar with IFRSs, but need to understand how GAPSE compares
  • The transition to GAPSE has raised the issue of staff training and the need for reliable and comprehensive accounting guidance